It’s just been a week since the start of the SnackVideo x Edhi fundraising campaign, but it has received enthusiastic response from users, achieving a phenomenal success of raising over 5,000,000 Rupees in just a week.

In hope for giving back to the supportive Pakistan community while celebrating the annual Ramadan festival, SnackVideo, a popular short video platform recently taking off in Pakistan, teams up with Edhi, one of the most authoritative NGO in Pakistan, to kickstart the #EidwithEdhi initiative on April 17 as a part of its all-round Ramadan campaign.

Simply by sharing a video of your smiley face with the hashtag #EidwithEdhi on SnackVideo, 10 PKR will be donated to Edhi Foundation for children and families haunted by poverty, starvation and deprivation.

At Ramadan, a time all about charity and mutual-help, the campaign was initiated with the firm belief that not all philanthropists have to donate huge sum of money. Gathering small acts of kindness together can also bring smiles to millions of others in need.

Apart from this fundraising campaign, users can also explore various other kinds of activities on SnackVideo. For example, Ramadan Live Carnival provides an opportunity for users to unleash their creativity to livestream and create entertaining contents. For all us food lovers out there, you can also share your recipes, enjoy watching cooking videos and have fun playing games at #RamadanRecipes.

The SnackVideo Ramadan campaign will continue throughout the Ramadan festival. Therefore, in this heartwarming festival of the difficult times, don’t hesitate to check out this campaign, so as to express kindness to others as well as enjoy all kinds of fun activities on SnackVideo.


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