Actor cum singer Hira Mani on Friday took to Instagram to share a rather odd post about how her son Ibrahim refused to listen to her when she encouraged him to cheat on the exams.

The Sun Yarra actor revealed that she is proud of her son for neglecting her bad advice and refusing to use unfair means to pass the exams:

"I am in love with this guy @therealibrahim_man. This is for you Ibrahim jo tum ne exam main cheating nahi ki mere kehnay pay bhe nahi ki (despite my encouragement, you did not cheat in your exams). I am so proud of you ..... ghusa tou aya tha mujhey tum pay kerlete online exam thay Kis ko pata lagta lekin chalo tumhari honesty pay ye appreciation post bunti hai for you for life (I was angry at you because it was an online exam and even if you had cheated no one would find out. Anyway, here is an appreciation post for your honesty."

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Parents have a huge influence on children especially at a young age, they can either make them honest and upright citizens, or they can help shape a bleak and dishonest future for them. Thus, while Ibrahim's honesty and righteousness is admirable, Hira's advice is questionable.

We are proud of Ibrahim for making the right choice and hope Hira does not encourage bad behaviour in the future.