Actor and beautician Zoya Nasir hits back at 'internet trolls' for 'ruining careers, relationships, and mental health of other users. No fear of consequences makes the internet such a toxic place, she said.

Taking to Instagram, the Zebaish actor penned a not addressing issues of cyber-bullying and harassment people — especially celebrities— have to face online. She wrote:

"Social media trolls have collectively ruined careers, relationships, and the mental health of people at hand. If every time a troll could get punched in the face for leaving insensitive and vulgar remarks on the internet, social media wouldn’t be such a toxic place."

Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

The 30-year-old Hania star regretted that lack of consequences for internet bullies:

"Too many cowards sitting behind their keyboards with no fear of consequences. You don’t achieve greatness by spewing hate, sleaze, and passing judgments. You just achieve another level of being [the] scum of this earth.”

Nasir's statement came a day after actor Hania Aamir was subjected to criticism on social media after:

  • A video went viral of her cozying up to Aashir Wajahat — the 18-year-old son of renowned director Wajaht Rauf.
  • Someone posted a video of ejaculating on her photos
  • Her ex Asim Azhar used to opportunity to take a dig at her

Soon after these incidents, Hania had taken to Twitter to address issues of harassment, internet trolling, and her public falling out with Azhar. In a post, the Titli actor wrote:

"We, as a generation, are responsible for paving a way for the next. What we do, how we act, and the way we deal with things will set an example for times to come. It is of utmost importance that we realize our collective responsibility as a generation, as public figures, [and] as human beings."

Source: Twitter