Tuesday's screening of the finale for Dil Na Umeed To Nahin has won praise from loyal fans who took to social media to praise the show for its powerful storytelling.

Produced by Kashf Foundation which earlier produced Udari, another powerful drama which exposed social ills in society, Dil Na Umeed to Nahin will likely be remembered for a drama that also portrayed sensitive issues with aplomb.

It covered how human trafficking impacted three very different characters who are all ultimately interconnected. The drama was not without controversy having received a warning from PEMRA about its content being "immoral".

Yumna Zaidi especially has been praised for her portrayal of Sumbul, a woman desperately trying to escape a brothel. Her friend played by Yasra Rizvi seems resigned to her fate there.

Other performances by Noman Ijaz, Omair Rana and Navaid Shahzad have also been praised.

The drama proved to be a compelling watch and hundreds of thousands left comments on YouTube on each episode to praise it.

We're sharing below some of the comments to the series finale: