The model Sadaf Kanwal is trending on Twitter for an interview in which she spoke of her marriage rules which were defined by clearly delineated gender roles. This caused much outrage on Twitter.

“My rules are simple, one should respect their husband and he must be given respect because he earns and spends on the family," she said in her interview on Hamaray Mehman on Friday.

She said "you should think of your husband as your husband" and that she placed her husband higher in the hierarchy because "he's a man" and then added that while she also works she can't compete with him.

Her husband, actor Shahroz Subzwari, added that there are certain things that only a woman can do. He said God has assigned certain roles for men and women and if they were meant to do the same, why would He create two genders, he asked.

He said he believed this constituted as equality. As the couple ate a meal with the host, he continued saying there are now two extremes in society. A couple wherein the husband doesn't treat his wife with any respect and on the other side was the woman who said she was equal to her husband.

Kanwal and Subzwari married in May 2020 following his divorce from model Syra Yousuf with whom he has a daughter.

Kanwal also spoke about her definition of feminism as taking care of her husband.

Social media users were quick to take to Twitter to denounce Sadaf's marriage rules and definition of feminism as one deeply rooted in patriarchal notions. However, there was a good amount of support for the model's views especially from users who said her rationale reflected Pakistani cultural norms.

It didn't take long for Twitter to turn into a battleground of us vs them views on the interview.

Aaj collected a snapshot of tweets around this trend to demonstrate the various views on this subject: