Shehzad Roy gifts music instruments to boys in Hunza

23 Sep 2021
Shehzad Roy has received praise for his donation. ZINDAGI TRUST
Shehzad Roy has received praise for his donation. ZINDAGI TRUST

Singer and goodwill ambassador Shehzad Roy shared a video on Twitter of boys in Hunza playing instruments he had sent to them and has spread joy among Pakistanis.

Roy, who founded Zindagi Trust which works in the social development sector in the country, wrote he had accomplished a mission to send instruments to the recipients who he first saw in a video where they were playing instruments made out of plastic. His manager finally traced them in Hunza and learned that the video was 10 years old and the children were now adults.

He said watching the video of the Hunza kids reminded him of the time he was a child who wanted a distortion pedal for his guitar, which was not available in Pakistan. He said in the video uploaded on his Twitter page that he still remembers the joy he felt when he finally got that part and wanted to do the same for the boys.

He sent the instruments to the now adult men and asked them to play the same song, 'Aao Bacho Sayr Karaen Tum Ko Pakistan Ki' which we can see in the same video.

The video also features a message of gratitude from Kashif Nawaz, founder of the band Josh, who then sings a verse from the aforementioned song.

Roy's gesture received praise on social media.

Roy is well respected for his social work and this gesture has opened up peoples' eyes about creative possibilities.

Roy's gesture is also not about politics or what party one supports.

Last month Bollywood actor Anupam Kher had a friendly exchange with Roy when he posted the video of the Hunza boys but identified them as Indian. He tweeted his mistake.