Shah Rukh Khan wears Faraz Manan jacket in Diwali ad

26 Oct 2021
Shah Rukh Khan is considered Bollywood's biggest star. Cadburys
Shah Rukh Khan is considered Bollywood's biggest star. Cadburys

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan's new ad for Cadbury may be winning hearts and minds in India for its message but his jacket by designer Faraz Manan has won his fans over in Pakistan.

The Cadbury ad celebrates small businesses in India impacted by the pandemic and what better ambassador to champion local businesses than the Bollywood superstar.

Cadbury explains how they used machine learning to recreate Khan's voice and facial expressions so that he's naming local stores which allowed hundreds of small brands to have the superstar mention their names.

Dressed in Manan's cream embroidered jacket, Khan urges people to buy items from various stores over Diwali, one of India's largest and most widely celebrated religious holidays.

Manan is no stranger to dressing Bollywood stars as he once had Kareena Kapoor model his lawn collections.

It is widely believed that Manan is the first Pakistani designer to dress Khan.

The ad has received lots of praise for its message of support.

However, not everyone in India was taken in by Khan's choice of Pakistani designer.

One user went as far as to threaten to boycott Cadbury's.

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