Pakistanis took to Twitter to debate why Indians secured the most leadership positions globally and why Pakistanis aren’t able to obtain high level ranks in companies.

Chief Digital Officer Jang/GEO, Umar Saif posted a list of multination companies along with the names of their CEOs, who are all Indians. His tweet intrigued many, and a comparison between Pakistani and Indian education systems started on Twitter.

“They focus on education that leads to becoming CEOs. We focus on becoming CEOs without making our education system better,” said a user on Twitter.

One user criticised Umar Saif’s tweet.

“Indians securing leadership positions globally: a matter of shame for Pakistan

Pakistani graduates moving abroad for higher studies/job prospects: brain drain, a matter of shame for Pakistan.”

“Why can we not develop institutes like IIT?” asked one user.

IIT is Indian Institute of Technology, and the alma mater of Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President at Google and Parag Agrawal, the newly appointed CEO of Twitter.

Umar said answered this question is a tweet, in which he attached an article he wrote in 2016 called ‘A little “MIT for Pakistan.”’

“In response to my tweet about Indian CEO’s of top tech companies, mostly from IIT, many people asked why Pakistan doesn’t have a public sector tech university like IIT?” he said.

“Actually we did! But then petty politics and incompetence took over…” he added.

Twitter user and podcast host Shehzad Ghias Shaikh commented on the unfairness of the comparison and said, “We never categorize investing in our people as investment. India invested in IT, created their own Silicon Valley and are now reaping the rewards.”

In another tweet Shaikh criticised the government for not taking up this opportunity to compete and indulging in what Saif termed as “petty politics.”

A few users tried to make light of the hot debate.

“They all go to KFC &KFC’s CEO is a Paksitani!” stated user Atif Aziz Malik.

A user posted a video of a boy singing an ‘interesting’ tune and said, “But India doesn’t have this sauce.”

“We are still the funniest people on all their platforms,” tweeted another user.