Ahsan Irfan woke up yesterday and decided to take to Twitter to school all those who would listen, “Her 5 bachelors, 4 masters and 3 PhDs ain't gonna cook your biryani.” It took a day for Twitterati to rally but they came out in full swing, many criticizing the tweet for being a product of his insecurity.

"It is true," replied Twitter user Sophie.

"Degrees earned by women don't cook anything except the manhood of such insecure men," she added.

Some men realised how much of a privileges it would be to marry such a woman.

"If she has this many degrees, and let me anywhere near her. You know I'm making her all the biryani she wants," said Twitter user Aalsi.

Another user, just like Aalsi was very upset about Irfan's tweet, "What a dumb human. If she has this much of qualifications, I’m making her biriyani. Daily," they said.

"If her 5 bachelors, 4 masters and 3 PhDs can't cook biryani, then "your dumb empty brain ain't gonna cook you/her biryani either," wrote user Johnny Lemon. "Efficient solution is that the one with more space in their brains (you) learn to cook," they added.

One user wondered what could be the reason of such a "salty" tweet from Irfan. "I feel like he yelled this to himself after a rejection to make himself feel better because those r such specific numbers."

While others decided mere words weren't enough.

Another user gave Irfan the title "Man baby of the year 2022."

Meanwhile some people were just stuck on the technicalities of the tweet.

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