Mango season is here! Summer may bring blistering heat and hours of load-shedding but it also brings along the king of fruits, the juicy mango, which was also the topic of discussion on Sidra Iqbal’s show, Aaj Pakistan.

Pakistani mangoes are famous around the world, Anwar Ratol, Chaunsa, Sindhri to name a few. Often benefits do come with some risks but you need not worry because here are a few tips on how to eat your mangoes without worrying about your health.

Enjoy mangoes without getting zits and blisters

If you want to enjoy mangoes start of the season, you need to soak them in some water before eating. Having some cumin seeds (zeera) or mint leaves after the mangoes will help you avoid heat blisters and zits.

Worried about your sugar levels?

If you are diabetic and worry about increased sugar levels, try eating a normal-sized mango at least two hours after lunch. Followed by a few pieces of Jamun. Avoid eating mangoes directly after lunch as it contributes to your blood sugar level.

Start of the season mangoes

You don’t need to wait for the season’s first rain in order to indulge in the sweet mango dream. Try to have some warm cow milk after you have the mangoes, you will not have any health consequences to worry about. For a good night’s sleep post a mango feast, drink some cold milk.

No need to worry about weight gain

Don’t feel guilty about weight gain. Having seven pieces of fennel seeds (kalonji) after eating mangoes will help you avoid any weight increase.

Avoid the scorching heat

Raw mango juice or aam ka panna helps you beat the scorching summer heat. It not only tastes good but keeps you hydrated and refreshes your mood.

Maintain blood pressure

Mango seeds are often used in traditional medicine and help reduce blood pressue, which in turn keeps the heart problems away.