Masjid-e-Khaja Mahmood in India’s Hyderabad was demolished by the local municipality in the presence of the local police.

The mosque was allegedly bulldozed at 3am, late on Monday night in the area of Shamshabad. Authorities claimed that the mosque was “illegal” but did not clarify further and demolished the mosque.

This sparked rage in the local Muslim community who argued that the mosque was not illegal. Protests started in Shamshabad, leading to large numbers of police being deployed in the area.

The mosque was constructed in 2016 by the Muslims of Green Avenue Colony and daily prayers would be held there since its construction.

Ever since the Telangana Rashtra Samithi government came into power, many mosques and Muslim graveyards have been demolished.

At least 1000 people came out to protest this latest demolition.
Shamshabad Municipality Commissioner, Saber Ali, nor the local police did not have any comments about the issue or how the mosque was illegal.