Lahore college transforms into magical school of Hogwarts from Harry Potter

29 Nov, 2021
The festival will premiere Pakistan's first ever fan made Harry Potter film. Facebook.
The festival will premiere Pakistan's first ever fan made Harry Potter film. Facebook.

Every Harry Potter fan’s ultimate wish to experience the magical universe of Potterverse and attend the Hogwarts school of wizardry has now come true. The Government College University, Lahore has transformed into the school of magic for a week-long thematic festival around Harry Potter.

The college event, taking place from November 29 to December 5, includes the screening of ‘The Last Follower And the Resurrection of Voldemort,’ which is Pakistan’s first ever fan made Harry Potter film.

Pictures of the GC University students and campus are being shared online.

Covered in Lahore’s thick smog, the campus looks strikingly similar to that of Hogwarts, with its brick walls, long windows and old-school arches. The students can be seen dressed in cloaks and woollen scarfs.

The eerily realistic feel of the images has the potterheads raving on social media.

“This is not HOGWARTS, This is GC Lahore,” said Twitter user Iffi Awan.

One user said, “legit looks like deathly hallows atmosphere.”

From the cinematography to the editing, Pakistani Twitterati loves everything about the film’s trailer.

One user praised the computer-generated imagery (CGI) and called it “better than Marvel’s.”

The young filmmakers have also restored people’s hopes in Pakistani cinema.

While Potterheads can’t believe their wish has come true, others are concerned about the cultural implications of the event.

“Why don't you Pakistanis actually show some creativity and come up with your own stuff for a change?” said one Twitter user.

The negative comments were called out about users.