Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s long march and the resultant blocking of roads by the government has spelt trouble for a marriage procession in Pattoki.

Pattoki resident and groom Mohsin’s wedding procession left Pattoki for Gujranwala. However, the procession could not go further than the Pattoki bypass as the National Highway and all other roads leading to Islamabad were sealed.

Groom Mohsin demanded that the government open roads so his marriage procession could reach its destination.

The groom was very excited about his special day as it had taken a lot of convincing for his parents to agree to marriage. The roads being blocked did not only irk Mohsin but it was also a problem for the wedding guests who were part of the procession.

In Gujranwala, Mohsin’s bride and her family were also waiting for the wedding procession with bated breath. Knowing how lavish weddings can be, in the even that it does not take place as planned would result in financial losses for both the families. This is separate from the emotional turmoil for everyone involved.