Ex-judge Shamim Rana’s son Ahmad Rana trolled for ‘wine talk’

Updated 01 Dec, 2021
Ahmad Rana is in the news for his views on alcohol. Screengrab
Ahmad Rana is in the news for his views on alcohol. Screengrab

Former chief judge of Gilgit Baltistan Shamim Rana’s son Ahmad Rana has become the talk of Twitter after video clips of his interview with journalist Ghardiah Faqrooqi went viral on social media in which he speaks about his drinking habits.

“Ask your camera man to come and drink this if he’s a Muslim, and then tell the truth whether this is whiskey or apple juice,” said the Supreme Court advocate, taking a sip from a glass full of brown coloured liquid.

“So you’re drinking apple juice,” asked the anchor.

“Yes, yes I enjoy it very much. And let me tell you that if wine was permissible in Islam, nobody would drink it more than me. But unfortunately, it’s not allowed. I’ll drink up in the heaven. Pray that I go to heaven,” said Rana.

“You’re fond of wine?” asked Farooqi.

“Yes of course, I love the colour of champagne. It attracts me very much,” replied Rana.

When the anchor tried to come back to the topic of the interview Rana quickly added, “Let me make one thing clear, before this becomes a ticker. Wine is not permissible. Sure it’s attractive, but it’s not permissible so don’t drink it. Save yourself from this sin.”

The clip was shared by Gharidah Farooqi and Naya Daur Media, a digital media initiative, on their Twitter profiles garnering a range of reactions by Pakistani Twitterati.

Some users couldn’t decide how to react to the video and Rana.

“Confident, Blunt or Dumb?” said one user.

Others found it extremely “cringey.”

Many “laughed out loud.”

“This man is a disgrace to men in general and lawyer community in particular,” said Chairman COC, PEMRA Muhammad Ahmad Pansota.