Trevor Noah is famous for his sarcastic takes on important issues as well as controversies surrounding his career as a standup comic. He never shies away from speaking about the gravest of issues in a lighter vein, such as the tensions between Pakistan and India in 2019.

He got a lot of backlash for suggesting that a war between India and Pakistan will feature dance numbers, while also imitating an Indian accent.

This time Pakistan was featured on The Daily Show again. This time for Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s statement on reducing Pakistan’s tea consumption. The suggestion met with a lot of ire.

“I knew this would happen. People have been spilling the tea for the past few years and now look there is a shortage,” said Noah.

The host was also amused by the outrage in Pakistan over the suggestion to reduce tea consumption as an austerity measure. “You often think of tea drinkers as calm and collected people but here it is like you can take my earl grey out of my cold, dead hands!” He clearly missed the memo on the preferred tea in the country.

“If you see how fond of tea they are in Pakistan, it all makes sense. It is a part of their national identity,” Noah said. He compared asking Pakistan to drink less tea to asking France to give up croissants and also took a jibe at North Korea in the process. “It will be like asking North Korea not to shoot missiles at Dolphins, that is what they do.”

“I do not know if Pakistan will give up tea, they wouldnt even give up bin Laden, you know,” he said.

Noah also made some amusing comments regarding the Boston Tea Party and how our government should exercise caution because, if history were to repeat itself, we would be headed for a civil war and a revolution.

Pakistan imports tea worth over $646 million annually, making it the largest tea importer in the world.