Tell us something new: Karachi ranked fifth worst liveable city

Updated 24 Jun, 2022
<p>Karachi fifth least livable cities PHOTO: The Economist table recreated</p>

Karachi fifth least livable cities PHOTO: The Economist table recreated

Karachi has been ranked as the world’s fifth least liveable city in a report published by the British magazine, The Economist. The city is no stranger to this ranking as it has been on the least livable city list even as far back as 2006, fluctuating between the last ten positions.

Karachi’s healthcare score was only given 33.3 points, compared to 35.2 points for the culture and environment categories.

The megacity scored 66.7 in education and 51.8 in infrastructure, respectively.

The Liveability Index examines major cities around the world and quantifies the various challenges to people’s lifestyles every year.

As for the worst cities to live in the world in 2022, Damascus ranks dead last once again as the effects of the civil war in Syria continue, closely followed by Lagos in Nigeria, Tripoli in Libya and Algiers in Algeria.

These cities have consistently underperformed over the years due to instability caused by civil unrest, military conflict and poor infrastructure.

Vienna in Austria was declared the most liveable city followed by Auckland in New Zealand.