An Indian man from Bihar is widely respected in his village for not taking a bath or even a quick shower in 22 years. 62-year-old Dharamdev Ram of Baikunthpur vowed that he would not bathe until certain social issues such as violence against women, animal cruelty and land disputes are solved.

This is definitely a strange way to protest against these social issues but Ram has a spiritual reason for this vow, and people in his local community greatly respect him for it.

In 1975, Ram was in a state of despair considering how violence against women, animal cruelty and land disputes were exponentially increasing. In order to face his worries, he approached a guru who tried to guide him. This is why the people who knew why he did not bathe still had great respect for him.

Ever since that time, he decided to head on the path of devotion and started meditating in search of a solution so that he could handle his despair. It was his spiritual practice that prompted his decision against bathing.

Ram believed that quitting the factory that he worked at was the best course of action for him to resist the cruelties that were becoming more and more common in the world. But because of his family pressures, he was unable to quit. This led to the vow to himself that he would not bathe until these issues are completely resolved. The factory owners were not as supportive of his decision and fired him for it. He has been unemployed ever since.

Ram did not take a bath even after the death of his wife and two sons. That is how dedicated he is to his vow.