Hania Amir has never shied away from expressing herself in ways she deems appropriate without caring much for public opinion or social media policing. The young actor on Saturday again become a top trend on social media after her 'indecent' video with Ashir Wajahat, son of Wajahat Rauf, went viral.

In the said video, the Jannan famed actor can be seen singing along to Hasan Raheem’s Arzu while lying with the young musician. Soon after the video went viral, people started calling Hania Aamir out for “indecent and vulgar” behavior.

A social media user by the name of Alvi shared the video questioning "if this [is the] Islamic Republic of Pakistan?"

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Another Twitterati by the name of Abdullah raised a question about how often and quickly old trends fade and new emerges citing social media outrage against Israeli aparthied, Malala's controversy, and now Hania's video as a case study. He wrote:

"From Palestine to Malala and now towards Hania. How regularly the attraction of this generation changes."

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A user who goes by the name of 'Wastingmytime' (un)ironically said that Pakistanis have nothing better to do than wasting their time making fun of Hania.

"Pakistan after discussing #haniaamir issue...I mean seriously you all are making fun of her... This shows how much veli awam we have in our country... Ridiculous."

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User Rida Fatima urged social media users to "stop wasting time" by giving attention to the budding actor and model. She wrote:

"What's happening in Pakistan? Aay roz ak aysa trend #haniaamir. These people don't think it's all wrong. Nothing can happen to them.Let them go plz These people are just attention seekers. At least Don't waste ur time on such people."

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Muhammad on Twitter raised a valid point. He made a case for how only women are criticized for their choices and not men.

"#haniaamir Why are people targeting only @realhaniahehe? Why not Ashir Wajahat? I am not saying what Hania did was right but what about Ashir?"

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The Ishqiya actor shares good relations with the family of director Wajahat Rauf and is close friends with his wife and renowned producer Shazia Wajahat. The video was friendly banter between Hania and their 18-year-old Aashir. Instead, the video was turned into an opportunity to morally police a young actor.

Hania had, very recently, penned down a heart-touching note on her social media presence and why she opts to share bits and pieces of her life.

"I share my personal life in little bits and pieces here. Some appreciate. Some think I shouldn’t. I do it to connect with the people who love me on this platform. I am here spreading laughs and smiles. Remember me for the girl who touched your heart with a vulnerable meaningful conversation," she wrote in her note on Instagram and added, "Remember me for my kindness and love. Remember me as someone who tried to enjoy every moment regardless of the challenges in her life."

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