Komal Rizvi to tackle important topics in new talk show

Updated 18 Sep 2021
Komal Rizvi's show will air on Aaj Entertainment on Saturday at 7pm.
Komal Rizvi's show will air on Aaj Entertainment on Saturday at 7pm.

Komal Rizvi returns to the small screen and plans to dig into deep issues in her new talk show for Aaj Entertainment which airs tonight at 7pm.

Taking to her Facebook page, Komal wrote: "I've always wanted to talk about topics that need attention in Pakistan... and SHOULD be discussed bravely and openly but somehow... they never are... It's a bit scary as audiences here cab be very unforgiving... but if we as media influencers don't talk about stuff... who will?"

Lifestyle with Komal will focus on issues like physical and mental health, fitness, anxiety, skin care regimens, weight loss struggle, social pressures, women empowerment, etc.

The talk show host has been very candid about her personal life in the past and talked about being in an abusive marriage for six years and subsequent divorce in 2019.

Earlier this year she opened up about her experiences in a morning talk show with Nida Yasir saying: “It doesn’t matter if you’re independent, strong or even educated when you encounter a mentally ill person who you are destined to spend rest of your life with. I was married for six years where I found myself to be helpless. I was physically abused and went to bed on an empty stomach for months because I didn’t have allowance to even eat.”

Komal has used her social media channels to push forward important conversations about social injustices. For example last month she published a post on her Instagram page discussing the rise in crimes against women and asked how it was important to discuss changing mindsets.

During the lockdown, Komal also launched her own cooking channel on YouTube and shared her love for cooking. She received a culinary arts diploma at the age of 21 in London.

The singer and actor also founded her own skin care company under the name Truly Komal which features hair and skin products as well as parfum.